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Commercial HVAC Services


Licensed, Factory-Trained Heating and Air Conditioning Comfort Specialists Providing Service For All Brands and Models.

  • Installation, Change-Out and Retrofit Specialists

  • Tailored Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Solutions

  • Rooftop and Split DX Systems

  • Reciprocating, Screw and Centrifugal Chillers

  • Building Controls Technology and Repair

  • Cooling Towers

  • Oil and Gas Boilers

  • Ductwork Repair and Modifications

  • Process Cooling Systems

  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions

  • Energy Management Solutions and Systems

  • AAON Service, Repair, Maintenance, and Replace

  • Pump Rebuild and Replacement

  • Supply and Exhaust Fan Repairs, and Replacement

Industrial Parts
Metal Pipe Network


Commercial Plumbing for Your Safety and Efficiency

  • Licensed and Insured Comfort Specialists Providing Emergency Service, Installation and Repair

  • Water Heater Installation – Electric or Gas

  • Tankless or Standard

  • Lift Station Repair and Installation

  • Backflow Certification

  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning

  • Underground Sewer and Drain Replacement

  • TV-Video Sewer and Drain Line Inspection

  • Certified Gas Piping – Propane and Natural

  • High Pressure Water Jetting

  • Re-Pipe Projects of All Sizes

  • Backflow Testing, Repairs, Recertification, and Installs

  • Certified for Fusion Weld Piping Apps (i.e., Aquatherm water and P.E. gas)

  • Time-saving Pro-Press Repairs and Installations for Copper Piping

  • Water Heaters (Install, Service, Repair, etc.)


Expert Mechanical Construction in Ohio

Piping Systems

  • Prefabrication of Piping Systems and Central Energy PlantsWe utilize the latest in 3D Cadd design software to design and model the complete piping system prior to fabrication.

  • Chilled Water Piping Systems

  • Condenser Water Systems

  • Steam Piping Systems (Low or High Pressure)

  • Steam or Hydronic Heating Systems

  • Compressed Air Systems (Low or High Pressure)

  • Hydraulic Piping Systems

  • Process Piping Systems

  • Natural Gas Piping (Plastic and Steel)


Air Distribution Systems Fabrication and Installation

  • Sheet Metal Duct Systems

  • Fiberglass Duct Systems


Tenant Finish Services

Remodeling and finishing a workspace to a tenant’s specifications must be done quickly, cost-effectively, and without interruption to ongoing operations. JF Gallagher Co. is sensitive to the unique needs of working in this type of environment; let us put our 70 years of experience and innovation to work for you.

Fast Track and Turnkey Projects

Our Construction Services Group has extensive experience in providing our customers with single source turnkey service for their mechanically intensive project needs.

Construction Site
Modern Architecture



Cost Savings

Because the contractors are involved in the design phase of the project, Design/Build can provide significant cost savings over traditional plan and spec contracts. The early collaboration in the development of the project encourages many other small savings in ways and means that, because of the collaborative process, are easy to interject into the design. By creating “buddies” on the team i.e. the mechanical contractor and the mechanical engineer, the electrical contractor and the electrical engineer, the general contractor and the architect, etc., and through the collaborative process between these team members, the project will be built “as designed”. The “value engineering” ideas that typically come up after the completion of the design process are built right in and budgeted from the beginning. The earlier that cost savings are taken into consideration, the larger the impact.

Fast Track/Accelerated Project Delivery

Design/Build contracts are highly suited for projects that require a fast track scheduling or, are complex in nature. Timely identification of and solving of design and construction issues may shave months off of the construction schedule and thousands of dollars out of the overall design and construction costs. With all issues well explored and resolved in a timely manner, contractor initiated change orders and claims are substantially reduced or even eliminated.

A Collaborative Process That Promotes Teamwork

Through this process the Owner/Developer and the Design/Build team members develop a close working relationship. The Design/Build team members develop a sense of ownership and pride in the project and the process. A working relationship such as this results in strengthening professional friendships amongst the participants. With the basic paradigms removed that tend to cause enmity and friction, team members actually function as a team resulting in better overall constructability and the most cost effective construction solutions.

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